Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Now I'm just irritated.

I reserve the right to allow, disallow and/or censor
any comment, link, statement or viewing pertaining
to this site, or any other I am administrator of at any
time - without notification.
Chances are that I have a sense of humor and would take
a lot of abusive treatment and comments before actually
considering black-balling anyone from looking at this site.
Just look at the way family talks to me! And I like it!
Some sites (previously mentioned in a post) do not share
my open-mindedness toward humor. After being
completely disallowed from entering, viewing and even
emailing the administrator of that specific site,
my feathers are ruffled, my panties in a twist, and I
feel as if I was unjustly censored. Here is a letter I
wrote to that specific site's administrator:

Attn: site administrator

In a momentary thought of website comedy, I recently
posted an ad that may have offended someone or misused
this list for what it was intended. In a sincere apology, I
would like access to your page to search items and, maybe,
post some items for sale. I have seen many other ads that
contain(ed) offensive material and have not been flagged -
leave aside ousted completely. In an effort to explain
my use of your site ;

Once again, I apologize for using your site to inflict humor
on the web. In the worst case scenario, a lot of viewers and
followers of my site would have visited your site - increasing
traffic - and done some browsing. There are a lot of people
not aware of your online services and just providing a
link to you from my page is free advertising and
50 more hits a day can't hurt - right? Now that I am aware
of the intense seriousness of this site, I will not afflict
humor on any of your viewers again. In the future, I vow
to be straight forward and to the point.


J D Plumma
Administrator of : Whoof Arted

Polite - right?!
This is what "snapped" into my inbox within one second
after hitting send :

Your message was automatically rejected by
Sieve, a mail filtering language.
The following reason was given: This server does
not accept messages from nut job, Craigzombies.

Isn't that just name-calling and slanderous? How do
they know I'm a nut job - let alone a "craig-zombie"?!
Nut job wouldn't be difficult to back up with the family
I keep, but it cannot be assumed that my name is Craig
or that I am a zombie! Ludicrous accusations!
It's not that I expected them to accept this apology 100%
favorably, but I didn't expect my letter to the administrator
to already be blocked before it was sent. When they said,
"Please contact the site administrator if you have any questions.",
I really expected to be able to contact them at the least.
At this point, I don't expect to be allowed there again (ever),
but to play fair about things - how did my written, assumed
humorous piece actually harm or offend anyone? (and)
how can any reputable entity create slander, call names
and not allow questions (as stated) or an apology?

maybe it just isn't funny

(names of particular entities were not mentioned here
to avoid offense, slander and childish name calling)

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Very well written, you went further than I would have in extending an apology and then have it instantly replied to without having the time to read it nor having the administrator an opportunity to read it. Perhaps, by commenting, I to will be black balled from their site, that is o.k. also as I have been kicked out of better places but alcohol was involved. I don't do that anymore. I still want to buy a "trunk monkey", but I do not have a trunk. Do they still work in a pick-up canopy? I believe the first "camper monkey" was in a movie many years ago which starred Clint Eastwood but he name of the movie escapes me. I am sorry that you sold yours so fast, I would have loved one just for my trips to LA. Anyone that can't see the humor in your link, has no sense of humor and and should be condemned to reading ads in search of crude and obnoxious ads on their list, perhaps the best place to start their daily search is in their personal ads.

Friar Tuck said...

I feel for you. Having said this, I get a giggle out of it as well. Could make a good tv show. If you want back in you can take several steps to do so such as
1. change your isp
2. get a new computer
3. create a new email address
If you do all three, you might get back in!

jd plumma said...

I tried to access Alaskaslist from the kid's AND the wife's 'puter, and they, apparently, have our router number blocked because there is NO ACCESS IN THIS HOUSE! I was assuming (I know) that my 'puter id# was blocked, alone. Now I find that I got the whole house ousted.

FishTaxi said...

Jolly shit!!

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