Sunday, April 12, 2009

Censorship on the web

With a link (or, two) in the last post, leading to
a farse advertisement to sell a slightly used trunk
monkey, I was flagged and removed from one of
my favorite classified ad pages - Craiglist. Then, I
posted an ad in another web list - Alaskaslist - and
am, now, totally disallowed from that site, stating :

"You have been blocked from using the site for suspected
improper usage. Please contact the site administrator
if you have any questions."

I suppose that - being a considerably hard decision -
choosing the right ad section the first time would have
worked out just fine without being censored.

Or, maybe I should have used
a different site that was intended for this kind
of humor (where browsers have a sense of humor).
Regardless, I was censored!! To start with, this was
meant to be serious! Those who chose
not to click any links on the post probably missed the
ad and the humor of the trunk monkey statements.
Some may be wary of "linking" due to viruses and
ad-ware contracted probably due to bad antivirus
software or just settings missed to block such.
The last post was about web site tracking and the
safety therein, but that monkey was funny stuff!
Many (or all) of you might think I just ramble on
about the crazy, ADHD thoughts that cross my
mind, but the reality of the matter is that I spend
a bit of time researching, re-write and edit a bit
and cram a lot of effort into what I think might
entertain the ordinary, mindless blogger so they
feel as if their time was not wasted here. We all
know it really was, but thanks.
If you did miss the seemingly insignificant links
on the last post, and maybe others, all of my
links are a different color than the writing and
change colors when cursor "hovers" them.
The heading or, title, of the post is likely to
be a link, also.

Link to Trunk Monkey here ---> link

Link to the final ad placement here ---> link

...maybe it just wasn't funny...

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

I really do not see nay reason that you should be censored for a ad like that on Craigs List ` I have seen worse. However, your timing could have had something to do with it, wasn't it just a few weeks a ago a "trunk monkey" was shot and killed by the police after attacking a woman? But even then, I thought it was quite funny. Did you get any calls before they censored the ad?

Stan said...

To form a unbiased opinion, I reviewed each of the short clips on the trunk monkey. I do not care what Craig says, they are funny. Would encourage everyone to click on the link, my computer did not blow up. It will put a little humor into your day, my favorite was the "Trunk Monkey" stopping the auto theft. They are3e great commercials.

jd plumma said...

No phone calls, but 1 email from the first. I'm thinking it may have had something to do with animal cruelty.
the auto theft was my favorite, too.

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