Saturday, April 11, 2009

Why I have a site tracker :

I think it is because I like the attention is all.
There are other useful factors to a tracker as well.
I can view where, when and how you came
to waste your time with this opinionated BS
and I have means to know who sent you!
Then, is it really wise to know who looks at
this twisted, neurotic site every day?
Maybe I don't want to know the weirdos.

At this point,
I've only tracked 3 (three) web addresses
to established insane asylums and 6 more to jails.
I could block those, but I like it when old friends drop by!
That's only 20 percent! The rest are sharp,
upstanding US citizens, I'm sure!
Sometimes It surprises me that more comments
aren't left by "anonymous" (i know where you
visitors - or is that a reserved blogger
handle for that one, special commentor?
It might actually freak me out if I started
getting comments like, "I've been web-stalking
you for the last 6 months and would like to meet
up somewhere while I'm in LA...". eek! hide!
they can't find out I'm really a 1080 lb, 72 year old,
pedophile shut-in
that traps the neighbor's cats for
and clothing! ...better hide the bodies...

It's not that I don't trust people or that I am
a nervous person that has to watch his back,
I just want you to know that I am watching you, too..

The counter simply helps me keep track of people
who frequently visit this page such as family, friends
and web stalkers like "Mike" or "Diane"!
(I know where you live, too!)
If you are looking for a simple tracker, try the
link by mine at the (bottom). Or, "browse" the
subject to find and learn about more
extensive tracking sites and options.

If the stats on your counter have you nervous outside the
home, maybe you need a trunk monkey to guard the car
when you're out and about or in the store then
you won't worry about watching your back.
If the cost of a new one is extravagant,

Check here
for a used one for sale!

(this link has changed due to cancellation of accessibility by
my person to their page(s) and/or web site and, also, censorship)

3 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

The "little tracker" is a great tool, I installed one on each of my sites primarily as an geographical educational tool, there are some countries out there that I have never heard of and even advanced enough to have computers. However, I then discovered that I could track the trackers. For instance, the Lynx Cat is always on the stalk, must be a heredity thing. With the advancement of spy ware you can find out all kinds of things. Have you ever seen the inside of a Lynx Den? Then there is the stalker from Wamsutter - not much else to do in Wamsutter other than surf but they also try to hide their location by switching to a different server in the neighboring state of Colorado, but through the tracker, I know where they are at! I even have a tracker that hides out in a local library in an attempt to hide his tracks, being a Ranger you would think he could find a better place to hide. I have looked at the data, it appears that the greatest number of stalkers live in the western states of Colorado, Wyoming, Arizona, and New Messican. However, the highest number of stalking hits come from a place in Alaska and relatively close to my home base which really scares me. They appear on the tracker more often than my home button. It is widespread, some of these trackers have not figured about the affiliation between myself and the Plumma. It was asked of me several times on a recent trip, "Who is John Da Plumma"? We know who they are, they just don't know who we are. Perhaps, we should design them a blog site and send it to them as a Christmas gift. But, we do enjoy their visit, especially the one that likes to sit in front of their computer in their underwear, love my spy ware.

Friar Tuck said...

Yes...keeping an eye on all that stuff is interesting. Who knew that I would get most of my hits from a post 6 months ago? I would'nt!

jd plumma said...

It is amazing how far back a random web search can pull posts out of the archives we've forgotten.
Once again, I AM watching you, but I'm not WATCHING you...

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