Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Too many games to play 'em all

You all know how fast video games are of the
latest fads and how fast they phase out of the
spotlight of our youths' fancy. I used to play
the same game(s) for months/years on end
being completely satisfied with the waste of
time offered in pictures on a screen. There
have been numerous games, since my teen
years, to occupy the minds and time of kids.
Although too much time in this area can be
a bad thing for them if not balanced with
other developmental areas like speaking,
walking, eating, etc... As I still spend
a lot of time with specific games, I keep my
eyes open for short, simple games that will
not take any more time than solitaire. My
index site has a few listed that I have come
to enjoy occasionally. The newest one that
has my attention was definitely an eye-opener
to discover who wrote and published it to public.

The original game is a creative cooking teacher
for children to play. The original version didn't spark interest,
but a mock version of it certainly did. This is a good Picture
of Cooking Mama game (at joystiq)

Very simple - designed for the DS and marketed for a very
young age group. The mock version will not be shown due
to violent and unnecessary blood and carnage. Actually
marketed for kids and Brought to you by PETA to
"protest" the real game:


(children under the age of 16 warned due to graphic nature)

I have to wonder if all the money the group spends on
ideas like this was for naught? What have they proven?
That tofu can taste like movie star sweat?

If a chuckle you need, some other PETA stunts
found here.

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Friar Tuck said...

I had a hard time reading some of this because of some layout issues. I avoided video games from about 14-35 because i thought they were a waste of time, but we got a ps2 with our wedding gift certificates because the wifey wanted it. It has been fun. But I am like you, I focus on a few games...especially Tiger Woods golf.

Stan said...

Yikes, you have been invaded by photo bucket!

Anonymous said...

yeh....wutt givz???

jd plumma said...

I think there were/are around 20 references to photobucket in the template writing, I've used my account upload/download/link a lot in the last 2 weeks and may have transferred more data than the free account allows, or it was a glitch....

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