I'm not sure I can swallow the "snake" stories.

Wasn't it paganism that he drove out - snake being
the Pagan symbol? Some stories had toads going, too.
In case the seemingly well-addressed subject of
St. Patrick's Day, green beer, big buckles and fresh clover
have escaped your memory or had no enlightenment,
Here is a proper link to a history of Saint Patrick
(long, detailed history).
You could always rely on a web source (like a blog) to
provide you information about the specified celebration
but may not get answers that are 100% factual.
Although many opinions as to how all the different parts of celebration became part of our well-celebrated culture of a present day melting pot (America), I haven't found any real references to green beer. Especially not in St. Patrick's Breastplate (his prayer). Being drunk all day doesn't seem to fit his agenda in that certain prayer. Chicago dyes the river green for two weeks. I found a place to view many costumes and attire for dogs, if you torment your animals in that way, and a green drinks web site with nothing to do about beer - or drinks. I found a comparison of the Christian story about St. Patrick vs. the Pagan point of view that was interesting but gave me no more knowledge of how beer was involved. Is amber too close to orange and be considered Protestant?
A pinch given for not wearing green is symbol of the
violence that was doled out
centuries ago - also American.

The inconclusive research leads me to say that beer
began it's colorful one-day-a-year act back in the
mid 20th century (or so) and seemed a well-planned
Catholic excuse to drink it all day? I'm not even Catholic!

Like I need a color or an excuse...

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Stan said...

Pre-dating postings are we? You forgot to change the date, didn't you? Was beer involved? You scooped me by working on your posting on Sunday, two days before St. Patty's Day, now explain that to your other half because she had "reserved" this holiday since I scooped her on the Ides of March. However, I can see you put a lot of effort into it, really thought the greenish letters added a very nice touch. I think the "green beer" concept came from our ancestors who needed another excuse to drink all the beer they could, since they could only drink green beer one day a year. They had to be content in drinking amber or dark the other 364 days of the year. If the blizzard does not stop me, should see you come first light, well perhaps a little later.

Friar Tuck said...

Good post. Even if it left me with more questions than answers. Maybe because you left me with more questions than answers.

jd plumma said...

It only had Sunday listed by sheer accident - changed the post options to adjust the time and the date must've been manipulated also.
To not have questions about Ol' Ireland, you would have to have been there.

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