I , along with the next guy, can admit we are entertained
by reality television. I was just watching the last
bit of that kitchen in hell and began contemplating
how much video (in minutes) would really be needed
to put this show together in clips. I think I could put together
a reality show. The trick would be how they "flash back"
to events from the currently running program. Some of
the clips are shown twice again for good effect - "Let's take
another look at what happened there, shall we?". Then,
drop in a few clips from previous episodes, show a few
things from the next, make a scale blip around for a few
seconds for each of 12 items to weigh, narrate some
bragging words with a still picture shown and -
WALLAH! A one hour show!
Keep your eyes peeled (without blinking)
or you might miss what happens next!
Or, we'll be showing it a few more times
anyway and you probably saw it in previews.

Good entertainment.
Looking back, I could have made a lot more out of
the videos I've done in the past. Consider me using
2 hours worth of clips, and cropping them for the best
parts, to put on a 4 minute show. In that regard, I
could make 4 or 5 full shows of it with a little effort.
I probably have 2 full episodes of cardboard boats
alone! Just figure that this is missing about 20
ad commercials as this one, and a full hour
could be made without a second thought. ...hmm...

Watch the Premier here before TV networks buy it up:

Maybe it needs tuned a little and some sponsors also,
but don't be surprised if I get my own reality show soon.
I'm gonna make bank!

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

The long awaited, disappearing posting has been posted, well worth the wait. Good job in editing and the narrative formation. Need to take advantage of the cast of characters that you have in your living room and assign each one of them a commercial product that suits their personalities and shoot some real live commercials for it. You could easily push this up to a 60 minute show with live commercials. Perhaps, post it in 10 miniature segments over a weeks time. I would enjoy it more than any reality tv show. Good job. Perhaps, we should consider this as a summer project. A reality show on how to build a cabin in the woods by professionals. We could get some major sponsors, Home Deport, Lowers, Tears and Sawbuck and a grant from PBS. I bet we could compete with "This Old House" or "Home Improvement"

Stan said...

The big mountain across the inlet from the house,now that the warning level has been reduced to yellow ~ it appears to be waking up with a good steady stream of steam or smoke rising out of it as I write.

jd plumma said...

Get the camera(s) set up and focused for the "big one"!!
and - yes - we could throw down a decent sit-com of beer and fine building.

Stan said...

Still a nice plume coming out of the mountain. According to the Volcano Center, a fly over today indicated both steam and traces of ash fallout rising to 15,000 feet. Been upgraded from Yellow to Orange status. I double checked and inventoried the the "fallout shelter" again this evening. Added a couple of needed items, like my laptop so I can still blog. Got enough food and fresh water stock piled to last for 31.5 days. Holding two cases of Spam in reserve in the remote event that we are there any longer. Keeping he white bread fresh for the spam sandwiches may be difficult but we will be o.k. I just feel sorry for those that are not prepared, guess I should take a shotgun into the shelter with me just in the event things get ugly when the stores run out of groceries.

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