Thursday, March 19, 2009

I don't know how the banners got there

I didn't find anything in the coding, the last post
or the edits in structure layout by Blogger.
All those banners laid out one on top the other
and distracted from the intent of the last post.
Not knowing exactly what went glitch on the
site, I will take that as a sign that, maybe, PETA
doesn't like to be poked fun of on the WWW.
See?!! They were gone, I mention PETA,
and now they're back!!
(scary organ pounding)

The clip above is a track I drawed on one
of my favorite little time -wasting games.
You can find Line Rider on my indexed
page of games
. The object: draw a line
mostly downhill, hit play and watch a
guy on a sled ride your line. My fun is
to draw jumps and holes, try it to see
if he crashes, and go back and draw in
some weird details (teeth, eyeballs,
cave ceiling). I took a digital recording
to preserve it because it is lost when
I close the game down. Can you be
more creative than that? Drop a line.

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

They are back. Sure would like to know what those pictures are. Someone or something is trying to block your site, I bet you are pulling your hair out by now. Nothing better than a smooth running blog site when it is working properly, nothing worse when it is not. I would offer my assistance to you ~ but you know my very limited ability. Are you sure you unzipped everything? Maybe it is the HTML conflicting with SST or the SSR or even perhaps the SSH or XTML.

jd plumma said...

They ARE back! I have re-written urls in my template to retrieve info from one of my web pages containing the images this template seeks. It appears that some info is still being gathered from Photobucket. I will check back later to see if it loads clean again. My theory is that the current template was using photobucket for ALL the sidebar, menu, etc. images and the data transfer is over the daily allowance at that particular website. I hope that gathering (loading) the images from elsewhere solves this problem.

jd plumma said...

The above menu bar will be repaired to an active state as soon as the page proves loadable.

Stan said...

Like the new lettering in your header. I was working on a conceptual template yesterday. Worked on it for an hour or so and it dawned on me that it looked familiar, so I reviewed some of the sites that I normally visit. It was the same one as your basic template until you modified it. Not wanting to intrude in your space, I chose to discard it. Copyright privileges had nothing to do with it!

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