Saturday, March 21, 2009

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jd plumma said...

At least the banners have been removed. I need to hook up my links and decorate a little.

Stan said...

Hey, I know what you are going through. Although, my sites are working great with no problems, I am working on a new project that is giving me a migraine. I know where I want to go, just don't know how to get there. By 3:00 am this past morning, I have much less hair to comb. A little voice keeps coming to me "John and you were working on "old" blogger" and I changed them to "new blogger", layout tab, HTML tab, poorly parsed, format not accepted, and you are really stupid are just a few comments that I have come across ~ but, I will overcome despite the odds of success.

Shana said...

I feel the incessant urge, my tongue is not sharp but it can be quick and no thought is worthless, many are cool, and fun...and if i sneeze will it get sick?

jd plumma said...

If you were writing that while you sneezed, it's sick.

Stan said...

Just blogging around, could not help but notice on one site that keeps track of everything to excess, that it is 0230 in Lincoln, Nebraska and it is 66 degrees! Must be tough, if we had that we could be working at the HITW!

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