I stumbled on to a great way to get the
most out of used, expensive coffee beans.
Imagine how many pounds of coffee grounds
hits the trash can each year in any coffee
drinker's home - not to mention all the
commercial establishments that toss a
grand pile every day.

A lot of creative uses
have developed from this massive waste
of a fine product that is "rinsed" with
hot water, then trashed. There are claims
of used grounds being a good hair
conditioner, beauty mask, deodorizer
(this works!), and pest repellant. One of
my favorite uses has to be a claim of
cellulite reduction I found at curbly.com.
Kaladi Bro.s, Starbucks and other
shops, as well, offer their used grounds
to customers - free - for use in their
gardens. Grow Joe has developed a
100% natural fertilizer from grounds
that seems to be sweeping the gardener's
market. The liquid form is a hot selling
item. The products are so wanted, it
appears that commercial greenhouses
buy everything they make - leaving
none for the private market.

They also make biodegradable
pots for starts out of this same, rich
product that plants love and pests hate.

Now all your grounds could be put to good
use in this new, innovative, earth-friendly idea:
A household printer!

Drop the grounds in, insert paper, and move
the lever back and forth over the paper to
make the image/text. The only question this
leaves in my mind is What roast works best?
Now, if I could get a gadget for my blog
that makes me a coffee and a sammich....

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Anonymous said...

Morning, Your new site is very difficult to read. It has a white space covering the first part of your blog, blotting out your post and the down the page a ways there's bars across the screen. Help, I can't keep up with my kid unless I can read his words. Love ya, Mom

jd plumma said...

who can keep up with me, anyway?
You're still using Internet Explorer, right? I'm just messing around with this site, now. My real trials have been at the test site

How does that view on IE?
(there is no blog posting available at this time)

jd plumma said...

Thanks for informing me!
I need to learn the writing to allow for IE's differences.

jd plumma said...

....reporting to you from IE....
strange finding the lines of text are separated by blank lines, and, while the position of the sidebar seems the same, a completely different font has substituted my "Ryan" font entered. IE does not read the crawling spider on my page, either.

Friar Tuck said...

This is an interesting thought...especially relevant i guess to someone who drinks coffee

Stan said...

Coffee grounds are also very good in "worm beds", night crawlers thrive on coffee. I have seen them grow up 16 inches with a body circumference of 1.5 inches on a coffee ground diet. The great thing about it, when you are fishing with them, they do not fall asleep on the hook and really wiggle a lot, which attracts the fish. If you are fishing and want a cup of coffee, all you need to do it heat up some water and drop in a couple of night crawlers, ring to a boil and sweeten to taste. Good stuff.

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