Monday, March 09, 2009

I got rid of the spider.

And, sometimes, I realize I should
keep all my tinkering and trial-
and-error escapades on my test site.
I got a tad bit carried away learning
to write some basic stuff in html.
Copy/paste is a lot more fun to play
with, considering how many little
gadgets are available to use for free.
This also keeps the site from loading
up quickly - when the pictures/ images
are just ghost boxes for a seemingly
great amount of time.

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Stan said...

Visited the site earlier this evening, still on meds and the gray background had an adverse effect. Now, I return and it is black. Gadgets can become addictive, I am not looking for a template that has six columns so I can have five columns of gadgets and widgets and one column for prattling. I really like this look, sleek and simplicity. By the way, woke up to a good dump of snow this AM. Weather man said expect an inch, we got 5 to 6 inches, but only in Anchor Point. Went to Kenai today, north of Stariski Creek, no fresh snow. So tomorrow, I get to plow snow, always like it to settle for a day and age slightly.

jd plumma said...

This only a "borrowed" template to keep things straight until the bugs are worked out of the new one. Looking for wider post margins, active drop-down menu in sidebar for links instead of exposed, and MY pictures for backdrop/header.
Playing with xml (or, xhtml) at this point to achieve the goals.
Rewriting LOTS.

jd plumma said...

I lost my original counter in the screw-up, but still have access to the secondary counter(phew) although it IS about 3,000 hits behind.

Stan said...

You might want to re-set your counter. I understand that there was a glitch in them the other day and a lot of bloggers, well I know of one, that had a unusually large increase in the number of hits on their site but the other supporting blog documentation/marketing analysis system (BDMAS)did not support the data that the spin counter indicated. From what I understand, it was some type of atmospheric interference that made the roulette style counters spin out of control. I guess it also affected taxi cabs fare counters the same way. A five dollar taxi ride became a $5,000.00 taxi trip. Sure glad that I had the back up system (BDMAS)if you can't find it in your gadget catalog, let me know and I will make a copy and forward it to you.

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