Saturday, March 07, 2009

In Search Of The Holy Template

My quest began just a few days ago but
much territory has been covered in style,
color, font, feeds and widgets of what may
be considered a friendly, readable page.

Starting at the beginning, of course, with
an introduction to web programming.
When this appears to be a difficult task to
understand, go to a definitions page to
know, exactly, what it is you are doing
concerning a web page layout. Drowning
in file types' meanings and (dot,letter,letter)
dot nightmares, I borrowed a few free
template html's to try and grasp a sense
of reality of jargon that would hopefully
drop from finger to keyboard in a writing
frenzy and provide a view and usability
to meet my expectations. You would have
to be a witch to understand the kind of
"magic" involved to adjust their writing!

Upon my quest I have read about twenty
html page designs, read around a dozen xml
documents and found a seemingly endless
array of useful stuff -widgets, gidgets, gadgets,
games, clocks, videos, dynamic chalk boards,
RSS, CSS, loads of BS, little screen "pets"
and one killer rabbit.

I also found a "validator" for html
which proved a bit singled out for one
web page editor program that looked
nothing like the html in my current page.
It appears I need to go back to the start
and find a html (or, xml) walk through
and actually pay attention this time.
I probably would have it figured out
but the vast www provides so much for
an ADHD mind to be occupied with.

Until the language and page are mastered,
I will be practicing "not being seen".

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Stan said...

Know what you mean buddy, took me a long time to figure out that there are different formats and some are not compatible to blogspot. Then of course, you also have to know how to unzip a file!:) Who would have ever thought you have to unzip something to get to the contents held within? But, I discovered a secret in the whole process of remodeling each of my three sites. Call and email the "tinker" ~ she is good. The way I look at it, why would I really want to learn all those codes and strings of letter that do not spell anything. How often am I going to use it? How crazy do I want to make myself trying to figure it out? How much time do I have to spend? Call the "tinker" is much easier. But, looking forward to your creation.

jd plumma said...

...i seem to have the time for it.
either build a web page or solve world poblems..?..... I'll blog. thank you.

Shana said...

ummm....seems that foreign language is spoken in you home rather well...I understood "Killer Rabbit" where is he? lol

Shana said...

oh wait...I did not need any fancy language...I just had to click on the arrow...I sure hope that is not the Easter Bunny....

jd plumma said...

scary rabbit, no? the musical mice were my favorite.

john said...

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Michal said...

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