I am contemplating a site layout change
to keep up with the Joneses.
As a "test site" has been set up
previously, some input would be appreciated
and added to the final decision of
how to twist the way you think
in all new ways (and the old).
My goal is to have a pleasing, readable
format regardless of the web browser.
A lot of browsers read html differently
than firefox and end up with a
confusing/changed view.
Any of you with wide-screen display
will be especially helpful in my decision(s).

Any of you still browsing with IE ~
my condolences, and I will try
to consider you, as well.

Visit the test page and let your
judgmental, blunt, harsh opinions
fly and tell me what screws up on YOUR browser.

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Glad to see you have once again become active instead of laying on the couch, watching Oprah reruns and ringing your little service bell to see how fast the little lady will respond. So you caught the fever as well, nothing like a little spring housecleaning. I left a comment on your test site. Have fun and if you need any help, you know I am here for you. I have to go look for more gadgets.

Stan said...

Just checking to see if you are up and hard at work on your new design or am I to early?

Stan said...

Like your new template better that the the "fires of hell", pretty cool the way your blog title moves across the screen. If you could cut and past the animal figures into Alaska animals, then you would have a sunrise / sunset over Alaska. Looks good.

Friar Tuck said...

looks good

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