Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have I mentioned that I love carbon!?

We have been proven to emit a lot of it with
our cars, furnaces and industry but can
we really keep up with the neighbors
as of recent?! How long until we can
move the avocado tree to the yard?

Some boast of a
"less carbons" Trust and
the world seems to be leaning toward
eliminating a lot of. Maybe we don't know
enough about the effects. Maybe we just
have not found a good use for it yet.

A lot of new, cool things are
being done with carbon that
are stronger, lighter and
more flexible than steel;
Odor absorbers, aquarium
and drinking water clarity,
sun glasses and who
could live without
Calcined Petroleum Coke?
Carbon dioxide has been put
to good use, also. It is the
bubbles in my beer! We should
have a few of these beauties to use
up our own carbon emissions
and, maybe, drop a few holes in a
certain desert "SouthWest" of us.

Hydrogen, oxygen, carbon, and nitrogen are abundant
in the universe, and they are the basic elements for
organic molecules -
essential for life. Carbon holds it
all together?

I really like it on our cast iron skillets.

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Stan said...


I am starting to take your postings very serious, although, I am not about to give up my graphite fishing rods. However, being concerned I wanted to check out my personal carbon foot print (link listed above). My Ford F150, current year, model and engine size, if I drive 20,000 miles per per year I will have created 14.65 tonnes of CO2. My house, since we use electricity and fuel oil, our carbon footprint is 25.65 tonnes of CO2. From that, the electricity creates 5.42 tonnes and the fuel oil creates 20.24 tones. After seeing these numbers, I must seriously reflect upon our lifestyle and make some changes. Going to sell the house, move into a tent and use candles for lighting and alcohol (most likely Bacardi 151)for heating and cooking. The truck is a big problem, going to eliminate that and get a motor bike, a bike with a 125cc engine leaves only a foot print of 2.70 tonnes of CO2, a big cut. However, if Egore thinks it would be best, we can always revert back to a bicycle but that will make trips to LA take a few days longer. With a little effort, I am sure I can reduce our footprint by 98%. However, the downside, this will be my last posting of comments until they come up with some type of computer that does not leave a footprint on the surface of our damaged earth.

Stan said...

Morn John, I think I have some of your "carbon" spread over my lawn. Just having my morn coffee, guess you must be sleeping. Got a full day today, have to wash three vehicles. Still no word from Colorado, I would expect to get a call today.

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