Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the news today...

An older, dwarfed woman in Asia
was eaten to death by a city park's
starving pigeons. Near ten minutes
of anguish was heard in the park
as she was eaten from the ground up.
Out of fear for their lives, authorities
dared not approach the feeding
frenzy of 1,000's of these, now,
carnivorous birds and their
voracious appetite.

Reports show a
severe shortage of corn being fed to
them due, in part, to the world's
economic crisis and the wasteful
use of this natural product to make
"cornholio" to replace fossil fuel.

Her loving husband of 35 years
was quoted saying, "I will not eat
our last kitten for dinner! Save the
corn!!", just before he threw
himself off a cliff.

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Stan said...

Your warped sense of humor is showing! Perhaps made that espresso just a bit to strong this morning! At least you did not chide in on the Champ jokes going around. Beautiful spring day in AP this morn, clear skis, yellow sun ~ going to get up to at least 36.5 degrees today. Likely not breaking news in LA since it happens on an hourly basis in LA. but, in the history of Anchor Point we had our first armed robbery on Wednesday night. I have a alibi, I was dealing at the Wednesday night Texas Hold'em Tournament. Right at 9:00 pm the inn got a call that the Warehouse Grocery had just been held up at gunpoint by two men, I guess they were tough guys and even "pistol whipped" the lady clerk. Now half the town is packing and that is really scary! I have my alibi established with eight witnesses at the table and a second table of seven plus 43 others in the audience. Were you still, supposedly, in Kenai on Wednesday night?

Tormen Tagain said...

Well you know how those pesky silly pigeon type birds are. They probably fought for a good number of minutes amongst themselves over who gets to pick the eyes out before they realized that a bunch of ravens came along and ate the rest before they got a chance.

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