Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Did he say, "fireballs from the sky"?

So there's this meteor, see? Not
the one in this pretty picture, but
one that hit Texas with plenty of
eyes for witness.

With very little research one will
find that Texas has had more than
its share of meteor/fireball/UFO
sightings in history. According to
this NASA site, 2009 has been
named the International Year of
Astronomy. There happens to be
a great number of spacecraft that
are orbiting the earth this very
moment, but will they see eminent
doom before it strikes? Then again,
do we really want to be made aware
of the fact that we are about to take
our last breath? If this thought
bothers you, don't watch this
realistic simulation of a 500km
meteorite's impact on the earth:


A small, yet damaging, meteor
(stray from the storm) must
have hit the back end of my work
truck while we were sleeping in!
(sorry - no footage)
This was my only
concern for yesterday because I
have a job to do in Kenai and will
be back to LA, hopefully, by Wed.
evening. This is the South Peninsula
family's chance to drive North and
buy me lunch!


The mayhem was severe - at best -
and took me over 4 hours to
clean up the path of destruction.
And, now that I can find all my
parts and tools again, that "big
meteor" had better just wait. No
sense in sitting around waiting
for extinction, so I must go.
In the words of a renowned star,
"What? Me worry!?"
I suppose "The Goracle" will just
blame all of this on carbon
emissions from our cars
and cigarettes...

5 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

After watching the video, that is global warming that I can get a grasp on. Love the "before" look of your work truck, looks very similar to my workshop after my son in laws have been here for a weekend. Since you are going to be over half way to AP on your service call, why not stop by "Moose Is Loose" and bring a sack of donuts down with you for morning coffee. I will try to come up with a "service call" in my crawl space so you can log it in as business and not just a social call. Don't forget the donuts!

Snow1 said...

Ditto, although I would drive to HITW to pick up said donuts as long as there is a crunch stick involved and would give the plumma a financial check up to ensure I am doing my part to help the current economic crisis. i would also like to discuss a partnership in purchasing a business, again to help stimulate the economy...

Stan said...

Snow1 ~ you thinking of going into the video business after the discussion on the HITW site? I will help finance it by putting up some inventory!

Snow1 said...

Now Stan you let the lynx out of the bag and spoiled the surprise I had for da plumma...

jd plumma said...

It seems as if I need a 'puter in the work truck and I would not have missed that donut order and business offer. As it was, I only picked up 2 dozen and delivered them to Echo Lake Rd. Had no idea there was another delivery dispatch. There goes my tips!

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