Thursday, February 12, 2009

Am I supposed to be stimulated?

I happen to fit a working, and income,
"class" the does not appear to get many
- if any - favors, cuts or refunds from
any of the frivolous spending of our
(future) tax dollars' boost to the
economy. I happen to make effort
to ensure I pay my bills, feed my own
face, shoe my own feet, pay my due
taxes and will continue to do just
that through thick or thin until
my dying breath. This is why
the current "stimulus package" does
have me stimulated! In fact, the
tooth marks feel deep on the subject.
Not that I should get paid up, as
well, or get "grab-all" grants to
help buy more properties over
the scuffle.
There are things that have been marked
for stimulating while cuts are made in
education - to start with the eye tooth -
and a want for better computer systems
hospitals and gov'mt offices. Granted,
better awareness can come from advance
of computers, but how will the new
generation (that will support our nation
when I retire) learn of this? Our
childrens' offspring could learn from
our media influence - alone!
THERE is something we should
stimulate! Maybe with morals
and consideration to start.
I may have said this once or twice,
but, do we really have our priorities
straight? We definitely need to advance
our technology for research and gain
understanding of how the earth really
works, we have a responsibility to
keep our government offices in
check with other offices ( who will,
in turn, be checked by other offices),
and we have a commitment to our
need for extended credit lines...
but my kids need shoes first...
so will their kids. Maybe I can get
a grant to purchase an amphibian
vehicle. That would be a good
safeguard in case of another
world-wide flood (or, was that
fire in the end?). Either way,
I figure my grand kids could
sell these for millions when
all of our vehicles float on
anti-gravity fields and produce
zero emissions with time travel
as an option. The first was not
as popular as it was cute:

Name it.
The doors and body panels leaked
bad enough that the only the bilge
running steady pump kept it afloat.
And, one for the Queen:

Newer technology to keep in mind:
How many friends could you talk
into boarding this? :

Nothing but the best for a
collection such as this:

What would we make of forty (40)
tourists on a 30 knot-per-hour
frenzy to see all in our state before
it is "seen" by everyone? Alacazam!
A new Alaskan business is born!

At least the whole family can
fit in so we can get away from the
radioactive land after all this "chump
change" of trillions settles into
more federal spending and it's sup-
porting sweep of the major conglomerates
that provide us credit and hold
our nation together...?...
Maybe we'll move to Australia.

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Stan said...

Just about need to make a posting on my site to respond to your good comments pertaining to the "stimulus plan" as well as your pictures. You have rally been doing some research. As for the "stimulus plan", which is a play on words since there is no planning behind the plan. I have always been known to call it the way I see it, so please excuse me if I offend anyone - it is not a plan it is Bullshit! I sat here the other day and listened to President Obama make a national press conference in prime time. He clearly stated for all us to hear that this plan has no "pork or earmarks" in it. I can tell he has not opened a can of "Pork and Beans" lately, there is very little pork in the beans but the stimulus package is laden with pig bellies! After the conference committee between the house and Senate agreed on the "Stimulus Plan" an additional $10 million was slipped in to build a railroad from Los Angles to Las Vegas, Majority Leader Reid (Democrat from Nevada) was the culprit. No fat, no pork. Again in the same news conference, the President went into detail the amount of money to build schools and repair the crumbling ones, an example he used was a school that needs repair work that was built during the Civil War. Today, the majority of the school construction and repair money has been stripped. But, don't get me started! Oh yea, going to cut our taxes, married we get a big $1,000 reduction. To retire the national debt on just this plan us going to cost each of us about $11,000 dependent on how rapid it is retired. I wonder if there is program where we can opt out of this plan? Don't get me started!
I have actually seen both of the first two cars posted, they were both in Homer. A couple of people bought the second one thinking it would be a good moose hunting rig, it wasn't. What is the chain attached to the bumper on the Japan bus, is that so they can lower it as a moose guard? It just dawned on me that thing is suppose to float, I think I will pass along with the concept for a Kachemak Bay ferry, but it has cool rear view mirrors. Pretty cool pictures. Oh, by the way, the stimuluas package is almost eight hundred pages of legal jargon, those voting on it has less than 24 hours to read it! Newt Gringwich read one page of it tonight on the news, after the first paragraph you are lost because it refers you to a dozen other laws and documents. No one actually knows what is in this package. Don't you dare get me started! Now I won't be able to sleep just because of you!

jd plumma said...

I remember Pres. Obama saying, "Our nation is in for some hard times...". HE knew better than us what he was talking about. Let's give one man a break, though. He HAS been a good tool for his party, hasn't he?

jd plumma said...

We need to realize that it too the previous Bush administration 8 years to double our deficit. The new admin. is breaking records to double it before June.
$10.7 trillion dollars? That seems like almost nothing at this point - considering the 5 trillion the new stimulus will end up costing us before the year is out...

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