Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Maybe I'm just a soft, old guy

but, with Christmas approaching in 2 days,
being used to having company of my close
family and friends and seeing more years go
has me realizing how little time we actually
get with the people that we hold so deep in
our hearts and hold so high a regard for. They
are the ones that have played the biggest part
of who we were, are, and will be.

I seem to be a very lucky guy in life
- no matter what the challenge to learn.
There is a lot of people that would be on
my "die for" list in the last 39 1/2 years.
This may sound like a ridiculous long
piece of time for some, and, a short for
others. The fact remains that I get a
lump in my throat for the thoughts
that guide my heart at Christmas. I
begin thinking about how my brothers,
and sisters, seemed to give me a
harder time about anything I could
possibly do wrong but I remember how
it meant the world to me when I got
a good report. Sure - they could be the
biggest jerks - Mom and Dad, Grandma and
Grandpa but have been on the top of my
friends list for a lot longer than I ever
realize - life. Although a lot of people
I've known for only part (1/2, 3/4, 1/3...),
of my short life on earth, I have a
spot saved at the top of the list for them
as well. It seems my "top-o-tha-list"
has grown significantly every year.

My wish for the ones I love :

That the next year brings only good news,
glad events and gold in every lining.

That you know that you have touched
my soul and being and are part of who
I am, and, will be.

That you feel the spirit of love and
have peace within your heart at Jesus
birthday and on through the new year.

That the ones I can't be with;
Heath, Erica, Josh, Crystal, Damon, Heather,
Hunter, Natalie, Riley (miles apart) -
Uncle Bert, Melissa, Shane, Grandma (see
you some day) ... i care.

That you know that you are in my thoughts.

That you have an opportunity to be with
the people that mean that much to you.

That you may be so lucky as me.


(my apologies for a mushy post and
veering off the subject of the NIA)

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Stan said...

If I should appear on your friends list, would you please let me know. I will remove you from my "hit" list, that way next time someone invites you to go crab fishing, you will feel safe and comfortable in doing so, knowing that it will be a round trip. Merry Christmas, John and it will be good to see you later today.

Stan said...

Looks like you have a clear shot into Anchor Point on your drive tomorrow. Calling for some wind and cold temps ~ but no snow until possibly on Christmas Day, which would be ideal!

FishTaxi said...


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