Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas dinner was spectacular

Not for the place we gathered
- although it meant a lot...

Not because of the gorgeous spread
of side dishes, glazed chicken or
perfectly cooked prime rib...

(Nice job, Mom)

Not for the many gifts and pretty
things shared within one place...
(thank you for those, too)

It happened to be spectacular for
the time spent with the folks around,
the stories of each life lived to this day
and the knowledge that we mean more
to each other than trivial belongings,
good food, pretty baubles and a nice,
but simple, house. It is the spirit
within that makes it a home and
the costless peace of feeling love around
that could conquer armies of this
world with it's strength.

My heart is at peace for the time I
chose to spend with those I speak of.

May yours be, too, as we follow
our paths chosen through
the next year.

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Stan said...

Great looking Prime Rib! Isn't it amazing how many people you can fit into a home when they are family? The best I can count, is that your family had four generations in attendance, that is great and the way it should be.

Snow1 said...

Wow, Heidi is right, you have gotten all mushy on us. It was a great time spent and we are looking forward to ringing in 2009 with the ones we love.

Stan said...

A Thought to Ponder" Why is it that women are always telling their men folk that we are not sensitive? However, when we men do show the sensitive side of our inner self, we get accused of being all "mushy"? That sounds a little sexist to me, it is fine for a woman to be sensitive but men get tagged with a label if they show any emotion or sensitiveness. I am one of those SNAG's, Sensitive New Age Guy and in keeping with the highest traditions of the femininist movement, since I gave away my bra as a Christmas gift, I am going to burn my shorts!

j, d plumma said...

The "mush" and sharing is, now, quenched for 2009. More important issues lay before us like the NIA!

Snow1 said...

hello...I am not complaining about the sensitive side of d plumma, just commenting, I actually quite like it.

Stan said...

What a politician, I bet you went through Political Correctness 101, come on let's argue the issue ~ oh, I am so sorry let's debate!

j, d plumma said...

debate belongs on dehook fo defish in destream.

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