Monday, December 22, 2008

Did someone say, "New Ice Age"?

So, I was driving home from work (to get going on
my short list of chores for 2 1/2 days), when
I noticed a great "ball" of steam behind me - at
70 mph - and the faint smell of glycol in the cab.
I managed to get to the off ramp to Eagle River,
to the side, and in a parking lot at good temperature
and running condition. Throwing a panicked fit for
the 10 minutes it took for steam to reside and the
truck to cool, I tossed the hood up and removed
the air filter box to see what had laid all my anti-
freeze out the highway in a mist. thought : "of all
the days to happen, the truck is dead. It happens to be
only 14 degrees out - in December!" To my surprise,
the hose that was split happened to be on top -
in a stand-to-reach position. I, also, happened
to have that size of hose in my truck. HOW LUCKY!
I was luckier to have Johnson Tire & Automotive
just across the overpass into Eagle River, and,
that the mechanic in charge filled my radiator and
coolant system with about 6 gallons of glycol
for FREE DOLLARS! And he said,
"MERRY CHRISTMAS!" This only cost me
about 1 1/2 hrs of my "precious" time when I
realized how lucky I really am. I went home,
started a fire, and cooked a steak on it.
I was in blatant disregard for the ozone and
environment over one simple meal. I can
hardly wait to throw some meat on the fire
this week/weekend at HITW (for Christmas).
There will be very good friends and
family close for the best company of choice.
It is around 12 degrees (farenheit) in LA.
If global warming had effects as it was estimated,
it would have ended in the next few years.
I don't mind it waiting for another 200...
(typical) Snowy winter and
and, thanks for being my family and friends.

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Stan said...

Morning Plumma, just finished up my seventh batch of fudge for the night. Had some little girl show at on my door today, came in, looked around and asks, "where is the fudge"? Could not stand the tears so I have been up all night catering to her wishes. Cabin warmed up fast today, started it out on 4 and within the hour had to reduce it back to 2 ~ works great. We now have blizzard warnings posted for this am to afternoon, but so far not a flake have I seen. I knew that I should not have plowed today! The rest of the week they are calling for partly cloudy and sunny so you should have good roads coming south. Good thing yuou had the part in your truck and are a plumber! Enjoy our solitude. I am off to take a nap!

Stan said...

Belay my last! Just went to get a cup of coffee, wind is picking up and there is something white falling from the sky! I think it may be snow perhaps, I will show the girls how to plow snow in a few hours.

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