And a Happy New Year?!
Do you have any idea
how many different

religious holidays occur in the month
of December?!! Not that I'm the expert, but
I got bored looking at seemingly endless lists
of world celebrations around Christmas day.

What is going on in this country for Christmas?
What isn't! We are the "Melting Pot" of the
world and many celebrations involving
religion, or not, seem to have been
melted into a giant, happy
holiday to last at least
an entire month. This is
what the "holidays" are
about to American business. A
one-liner to get all the cash and credit.
I know that commercialism explodes into full
bloom around the end of November and sales
start a frenzied shuffle of half coherent
mobs biting each other over the last
remaining Elmo (and what-not)
in the state during a 2 hour
madhouse in near every town
in the God blessed U S of A!

People get killed during these
"elbow-and-#@shole" sales events,
I've heard. The American version of
running with the bulls maybe?
It could make a
good new

Hanukkah commemorates
a battle won against the
Syrians in 165 BC.
were, and are, God's
St. Nicholas
, around
305 AD -
a generous Bishop.
I'm planning on giving
a few gifts out to some
close friends and family,
be with loved ones
being a Gentile
celebrate Christ's
birthday. I may
even hang lights.

Merry Christmas

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Stan said...

Great minds think a lot a like! The politicians in liberal Washington has learned how to appease all concerned. On Monday,on one side of the capital rotunda there will be a Nativity scene including Joseph, Mary and baby Jesus. The Christmas tree inside the capital is a "holiday tree". The capital will now honor any request for a religious or political display during Christmas. Including a display next to the Nativity scene that prominently displays a Wisconsin atheist group beliefs, "At this season of the winter solstice, may reason prevail. There are no gods, no devils, no angels, no heaven, or hell. There is only our natural world. Religion is but a myth and superstition that hardens hearts and enslaves minds". It must be great to be so intelligent and know all the answers.

Stan said...

The state capital story that I mentioned in my first comment has finally broke into the news media. Bill O'Reily did a segment on it on his news report tonight on Fox News. Normally he does not encourage mass phone calls to politicians, however in this case he posted the Governor's office phone, her name is Governor Chris Gregoire (D)360-902-4111. Let's tie up the good governors office phone. You can also send emails by going to her web site.

Stan said...

Plumma, I need your help since you are closer to the subject matter than I. Now I know the definition of "blue collar job" and "white collar job" but now I am at a loss. Senator Obama for all of America except me, stated today that he was going to create "green collar" jobs. What does a "green collar" do? Must be something important, he figures it is going to cost $400 billion, but willing to spend more if needed! The other question I have, when did the politicians stop talking about millions and move up to the billion status?

j, d plumma said...

just numbers, man. just numbers.

what is....

when my collar is green, i should throw my shirt away. i just hope we can save these companies building hybrids before it's too late!

Stan said...

Better get them on the assembly line soon, the prognosticators are projecting that the national average (does not apply to Alaska)of gasoline will be between 1.40 and 1.55 a gallon by spring. If we do see prices drop that low, we may not have a water system at the HITW, going to use the new tank to stock pool (you can not stock pile gas) petro. At $1.50 I could fill that 500 gallon tank up for what it cost me for six tanks of gas last summer.

Snow1 said...

Thanks for this post John & Merry Christmas to you!

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