Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Looking for a good used trailer

Must be in adequate shape for a highway trip -
lights and brakes in working order.
Considering our great fuel crisis, aerodynamics
are of great concern as well.
Must, also, have been trained to "heel" as
our automobile has no receiver or tow hitch.

I'm not sure how else to get us, our clothes,
food to share, snowboards AND sleds down to
the peninsula (and back) for a Thanksgiving
feast with family. We ARE leaving the mutts
in LA in care of the neighbor's kid. That will
surely free up some space, but we will have
to put on thinking caps to organize our
little puzzle so we fit in, too. We would
just have to slip out of town unnoticed
as LA city police may think less of our
top-o-the-car stack than State Troopers.
Regardless, we'll see you on the peninsula.

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Friar Tuck said...

I don't have kids, but I remember trips like that when I was a kid

Anonymous said...

Yes, I remember trips like that, also. But be glad that there's not eight of you.
Love ya, Mom

Stan said...

Drive safe, rooms are reserved at the village inn, you will need to check in at the lounge, dependent what time you get in, I will most likely be there as it is "Texas Hold'em Night", I will be easy to recognize as i will be the guy with the big stack of chips in front of him. If you have any room left, I have a new refrigerator and kitchen range with a hood to pick up at Sears. It is ready to pick up, just give them my name and it should not take much time or take you out of your way.

Snow1 said...

happy thanksgiving

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