Saturday, December 06, 2008

Blogging at Kaladi...

So our phone line has been down for over 2 days, now.
The service rep. - on the phone - was a little snotty
for working in service. I hope she didn't expect a tip!
Our 'net and phone should be back on by Mon.? (so
they say).
For now, I got a mocha and blogged just to check
the mob and mafia. stupid computer games!
Hope that all is well with my peeps.

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Stan said...

Glad you have your priorities straight, a mocha and check your Mafia! Got to love service personnel who would rather be doing any other thing rather than providing service. Work ethics! The ole one liner, "days work for a days pay" has been forgotten. However, after working retail for a number of years, I did learn one thing, the customer is NOT always right but you do not let them know they are wrong unless they really pee you off. Why am I commenting on a site that will not be checked for three days?

Stan said...

You still hanging out at the espresso stand?

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