Saturday, December 13, 2008

Happiness is the best "cure-all"??

There have been a lot of studies that
have proven beyond any doubt that
happiness and contentment have
seemingly unnatural healing power.
Evading illness, overcoming physical
ailments, beating the "incurable"
and longevity have all been symptoms
of happy people in these studies.

“Happiness is the meaning and the purpose of
life, the whole aim and end of human existence.”
~ Aristotle ~

Although I believe there is way more to
purpose in human existence than this,
it is a very important part of our health
and well-being. I know a lot of people
that just don't seem to be "down" for
any noticeable period of time. Like they
are content, or, satisfied with their life
in general and seem to find a gold
lining to just about every situation.
Sometimes our cup seems to be
half empty but if we look a little
closer at our cup, the "void" space
is full of simple things, loved ones,
learning, compassion and miracles
that don't appear unless you have
the mind to see them. If we focus on
past troubles, life's stumbling blocks
and woes to be in the future we will
find difficulty in seeing all the
simple miracles in our present and
really accepting ourselves and
the path we travel today.

I am a lucky person to know the
people I know, be with the wife
and children that care, do the
work I enjoy for the best boss
in Alaska, have neighbors that
help out and give a damn and
know that my family (on both
sides) would give their hearts
and souls through hardships
until the end of time. All of
my worldly possessions could
be destroyed and the above
would still be true.

I believe that heaven will be a
far better place than what we know
here, but in the meantime, with
what I know, this happens to be
a great existence overall if we find
the time to just
LAUGH (click it).

"God, grant me serenity..."

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Stan said...

Great observation and well phrased, happiness and a smile can cure as well as relieve of a lot of daily stress. What was the movie that Robin Williams, starred in where he played a young intern and discovered that making people laugh was a secret in medicine. It was a true story, he later developed a care center that this was the primary focus. Besides, if you smile a lot and make the appearance that you are happy, you can sure mess with a lot of minds that are trying to figure out what you are up to.

real eyez said...

John just happened onto your site and read this post. Wow, I needed a post like this right now.
Thank you!

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