Snow curls are fun to watch grow.
How DOES it hold together?

I have, also, had time to check on some blogs I
have not been to in a while. silly comforts, right?
If , and when, my game is available to play
I should have a couple billion dollars
just laying around. Don't forget to join
so you can be part of my mob and/or mafia.

I don't mind the virtual maintenance once
in a while, glitches caused by program error,
or even the 'net connection down for a bit
or a modem/network issue related to it.
Just don't take away the game that I
got hooked into playing AND
joined MySpace to play it.
I have better things to do
with my time, anyway.

Second coat of stain on new
closet door beckons and the garage
could (always) take a little finesse
& creative energy. Either way it works
out, I'm getting a few things done around turn the game back on, k?....soon...

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Stan said...

Looks to me like you may being held as a hostage in "house chores", missed a great day yesterday of "controlled burning" at the HITW yesterday. Remember all those big logs that you had so much fun surfing on as you went down Bronco Lane? When those were deposited, why were they intermixed with all the alders? That is o.k., my log chain will pull them to the burn area. I also noticed some tinker" has given the HITW Blog site a great new look, love it! I just can't figure out how to make a comment. Really, a very nice job, love the western antique look! Four bags of marsh mellows and a half rack of hot digs consumed during the burn yesterday, "dutch and Ruger ate most of them.

Stan said...

I am glad you pointed out "my" four foot level, I was wondering what happened to it. Now I ponder how it got all the way to Anchorage all bu it self. Damm juvenile tools, first my Air Compressor runs off to Anchorage and then my level, no loyalty.

Friar Tuck said...

Wow. Your blog is really laid out nice. Especially with the jokes on the side. I am thankful not to have snow down here in Colorado

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