Sunday, October 19, 2008

So I get on a gaming frenzy...

I kept saying - when asked to join myspace -
, "I'll just end up getting hooked on some
stupid game, not unlike SIMS for addictive
and time-wasting qualities, and just barely
have time to keep up with my blog as it is!
No stupid game is going to take all my
time and ...." screw it.

...........I opened a myspace..........

I am now known as
"Trenchknife" (aka "Ramdagger II")
My eyes - at this point - have adjusted
to viewing only the monitor and how
many mob members I have versus the
money I'm making. At least I haven't
hit Paypal to actually BUY money and
points (yes - it's possible to spend
REAL money to play a game) which
would probably end in divorce court.

Please note that the myspace was
acquired just to increase my mob
members and mafia friends. The
bigger your mob/mafia is, the
more powerful. Although there
are more than a handful of
"real" friends on my friends list,
most (90%) have only to do with
the game(s) and I don't know who
they are from the man on the moon.
Most of them invited me.

My newest vice :

But not until I hit level 60 (or so)
at this vice :

My apologies for the lack of posting
going on nigh two weeks. I will put
aside the gaming addiction to post
a typical string of nonsense and dribble
that has brought me 20-30 looks a day
on a more regular basis - as has come
to be expected of me. In the meantime,

....wanna join my mob/mafia?....

4 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Stupid me, I thought that perhaps your computer with Windows 98 had finally crashed then I thought perhaps you were once again on one of those big plummin jobs where you had to work all night and your day / night clock was screwed up. Then I considered the list of chores that Heidi had on her list and transferred them to a "Honey To do List" and you were working both night and day - I never considered the fact that you were on a self education mission learning new computer techniques. I believe the same people that conned you to joining "My Space" pestered me to also join, in recent yearsw I have llearned a new word, "NO", beside I have my own "My Space", it is called

Stan said...

Curosity got the best of me so I hit your link to "my Space", now I see why you joined my space, how much does a "hottie" cost? By the way, what is a "hottie", all I saw was what appeared as a plunging neckline with ample cleavage showing.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back.I missed you! Mom

j, d plumma said...

stupid addictive games....

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