Monday, October 06, 2008

There WAS no snow!!

You/we were imagining things!
The snowfall yesterday - that stuck thru'
the night - was, indeed about 1/2" (0.50").
It was not "recorded" snowfall due to the
location the "record" is taken did not even
receive 1/10" (0.10") which happens to be
the lowest measure for "records".

Trivially speaking,
Where was the record of earliest snowfall taken (in
LA) on the 20
th day of September the year of 1947?
Haven't the "official" weather/temperature station
location selections changed since then?

Now, the forecast is for two days worth (2-6") of
snow has a good chance of covering our LA
streets and trimmed hedges. Is it the "New Ice Age"?
I remember reading about this potential
somewhere..hmm.. It's not that this part of the
globe should freeze stiff, you understand - just
the polar caps?
Will we find the answers we
seek by chasing the polar bears around the
last piece of ice to chase on? Maybe we
should shoot them with needles and
strap more gear on their hairy necks
that transmit signals to help us
learn why they die of exhaustion....
A few more housing developments
and jogging/biking/ski trails on the
long-trodden game trails and we may
understand why they are coming to
our homes and streets
. At least they
have no thumbs - the can't beat us with a
bat or shoot us (yet).

Oh, yeah! My point is - wax your boards
and at least I won't think you're a fruit...
unless you are a patron of some
senseless web page that rants
of eminent ice age(s).

Up-to-the-minute weather update ~ it's snowing right now
with about 1" on the ground through this evening. Do
you think it's snowing at "the spot" for records sake?

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Stan said...

Good to hear you are getting the snow, they are calling for it down here, but looking at the Doppler, that little most westerly point on the highway system is being missed as the front moves across the peninsula and into the LA bowl area just north of us. Referred to your "hmm" link, now that guy knows what he is talking about, he should challenge EGore to a debate! I had never seen the page that you get your data from in regards to annual preecip and records, pretty interesting. The reason I looked at it was to solve the trivia question, I thought the answer would lie within ~ but alas you are groping for the answer yourself. To the best of my limited knowledge, which is quite vast, the weather station in Anchorage remains in the same location - now do you know where it is at? Been there for years, every since I had a little red wagon. For that matter, do you know where the weather station is at in the "Little Hamlet By The Slough"? Keep the snow, I still have fall chores to do.

j, d plumma said...

The spot, in Anchorage, the temperature and conditions are taken for record is Anchorage International Airport. There was more than 1 place (Campbell Airstrip along with other spots) the temp was taken for an average temp across town. What year TSI Airport became "the" official spot is unclear.

Stan said...

I think the airport became the official weather site a long, long, time before it became known as the TSI Airport! It became the official site, right after George and Orvel made their maiden flight at Kitty Hawk. A homesteader the territory of Alaska that had homesteaded the area of the airport, wrote in a daily log the weather conditions for many years prior to the land being purchased for the airport. They utilized his records to build the base of the data bank prior to the establishment of the NWS in the area.

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