Friday, August 01, 2008

Finally got it all together

The rest of the Plexiglas was installed
, after two FULL DAYS with no rain, and
the ridge and vent were finished. The
neighbor (leaving for Australia) gave us
a tomato plant that has not faired well in
our cool summer climate in hopes that a
short time in the glass house will throw
a few fruits off for sammiches before fall.

It reaches over 90 degrees during the day
and holds the heat in for hours after the
sun goes down. Thermal panes may not
provide a good tan like single panes would,
but I'm sure the plants love it. There won't
be any room to tan come next year, anyway.

The apples - with slow growth, and all - are
looking forward to more sunshine for their
dazzling finish of fall. Maybe we should have
built the greenhouse around the apple tree?

Saturday, the boss has a charter set for
the entire crew to go out of Resurrection Bay.
Last year was a HOOT! With any luck at all,
I will be heading for AP that night looking for
an empty smokehouse at the Eagle's nest to
roll out some fresh-smoked silver salmon
with the special magic only an Eagle knows.
(wink, nudge...)
Keep your nail gun handy and your rod tips
up - we'll be heading to the HITW to check
on job progress and complete a "punchlist"
on the Bear den.

2 opinionated prattle:

Stan said...

Smoke house is ready to go to work, figure it will take about seven days to get a good cold smoke but I may be able to push it up to 10 hours. We will leave the lights on at the Bear Den to help you find your way. Have a good day on the water and good luck with your fishing, waiting to see if you can have a repeat of taking the big fish again this year. Green house looks very nice, anxious to see the first full crop next season, unless you plan on heating it this winter, then I can look forward to fresh tomatos for Christmas dinner. Nice job.

j, d plumma said...

G'mornin', Prattler! See you in the Hole.

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