...for the sunshine we've not had.
This dark, cloudy summer has been
good for their growth because they
haven't had a chance to shock in a
dry spell. Just a couple of weeks
of sun, and the berries should be
in great amounts to harvest.

Apples are growing slow and steady
with a little color, even, disregarding
the lack of sun. To hope for a sunny
August seems a long reach at this
point, but the fruit would flourish for it.
It could, actually, be a record berry year.

I would settle for this weekend and
a couple of days this next week to
be warm and dry. Our greenhouse
still needs finished before the snow
flies so we have a place to store our
lawn mowers and yard toys.

(i should shut my AK mouth about that white stuff.
this may be "the year without summer" like 1816
and the shipping lanes freeze in, again.)

See you at the HITW tonight!

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Stan said...

Wouldn't you know it, after this weekend, Monday is sunny, warm and not a cloud in the sky. Your apples should flourish.

FishTaxi said...

wanna trade?

5 comic books for my one.

great pics dadio

rainy drainy summer here

where does all that snow go

Stan said...

Potable water cistern is now on site and located within 50 feet of future site. Accessories with cistern included attachment and nozzle to connect to "water truck" hose. Outlet is a through hull fitting (plastic) and plumbed with 3/4 inch outlet pipe and valve. I project it will take 4.5 minutes by a profesional plumma to install and ready to accept potable water. Exterior plumbing to the HITW may take a little longer. I have put the construction of a platform on my list of things to do, right now it looks like I may have to shovel a little snow to find the site for the platform by the time it gets to tyhe top of the list.

j, d plumma said...

It IS quite a list this year, right? Maybe we could just hang it from the trees like a big hamster bottle...

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