Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My body hurts a little this week

Could be from a local cold/flu virus going
around, or working through last weekend
in a manner I'm unaccustomed to, or reeling
in that big king at 6 AM,

or the
extracurricular activities sponsored by a
newly-elected Lynx - my Bro'. Either
way, I feel it. There are a couple of
spots that hurt more than others due
to a pounding I acquired from my need
for some air and speed. I'll come clean :
I did toss Rod's bike once - a subject
mentioned around comments - but it
didn't hurt. I stuck the one that hurt
when the suspension tapped out.

This is NOT me in all the smooth grace
of flight, although I'm sure I looked that
way a few times. If only the camera could
have been there for my 8 foot acid drop.
Got back to LA and found out that someone
I know, who races bikes, got his arm broken
to the point of a titanium plate and screws,
Sunday. His story ends up a lot longer and
more painful by FAR.
This week, I'm taking it easy to save my
body for working to finish the cabin left in
it's final stages, and, start a new.

It does help that it's been raining fairly steady
and that my body still hurts.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Love and Hugssssssss! MOm

Stan said...

Update, a heavy rain last night filled the uncompleted moisture containment center and flooded out a small area. Pump system once again woked great. While I had the extra water, I tested the pump using the largest size pipe, 1.5", worked great! Ready to convert to that size, have all the fittings, just need to find a good price on rigid pipe or look at that 1.5 inch flex pipe. Your lovley wife and my bright daughter, tore down the carbarator on the generator today, cleaned all the parts, put them back together with no pieces remaining and it started at first pull and now runs on "no choke" setting and not full choke like we had to run all past weekend. While she was doing the technical stuff, I replaced the pull cord that somehow got broke over the past weekend ;) Purrs like a kitten, even a little quieter with an out put of 110 to two outlets and 220 in reserve. I am much prouder of my generator now than I was last weekend, some missed an opportunity, I would have sold it for $10.00 last weekend.

j, d plumma said...

Sorry to have lost the opportunity to shaft you for a ten spot over a generator. And your daughter is the mechanical one to actually put good advice to use. The pull cord, however, was worn dramatically by a previous pit crew (and each time it started) to the point of the "inner cord" left with a loose sock. Did you get your shoelace back we used to temporarily repair the pig?

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