Tuesday, July 22, 2008

So I go to sleep (after passing out numerous
nods on the couch) while Eric and Don were
still here - 9:30-ish. Papa Buffalo calls me at
about 6:30 this morning claiming there was a
little black bear on the roof last night.
I would, usually, not be one to question that
what this Buffalo says is honest - and Tay is
sticking to the same story, straight-faced,
but, it is just a story at this point.
You would assume they would yell,


...they didn't want to wake me...or find my camera...

You would have to ask the Buffalo or my lead
pup for the details of the event, as my knowledge
goes only as far as words. They wouldn't make
that up - right?! About the pistol conversation
I had with a friend over dinner at Simon's -
I can't believe I haven't gotten grief for those
"Bear don't just run around town...they are
more scared of you (yadda, yadda)........"
comments. My apologies, as this year has
broken records for bear sightings and
killings (the bears) in our fine town of LA.
I'm still not "packing" when I go out of the
house, but I've got an eye on my back.

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Anonymous said...

wow, surprised such a mundane story ended up as a blog with no commentary as to a motorcycle crash that happened over the weekend

Stan said...

Plumma the drainage system apperas to ber a good concept, the new holding tank that was partyially completed this weekend is full of water to the brimn, will pump tomorrow to keep the flooding done. It apppears that the trap should be enlarge to 4'x 8'. In less than two hours tonight, it went from half full to fille dup from the drainage. M/V 006 scfored another big fish tonight, you only guiess who was nuts enough to be fishing in the rain!

j, d plumma said...

I've had some pretty good fishing in the rain, myself.
The "sump" - at 4'x4'x8' - would contain approximately 958 US gallons of liquid. The question is : Does the ground percolate with the consideration of clay for a base? One hot, sunny day and you will have a concrete-like basin.
Who said anything about a motorcycle "crash"?

Anonymous said...

Where ya been? I've missed you, since you seem to be the only one to post this summer. And what this about a motorcycle crash? You know me and "motorcycles".
Love and Hugsssssssss! Mom

j, d plumma said...

You know I'm just a wild, ADHD hare, Mom. I didn't CRASH Rodney's motorcycle! I just came down really hard off a jump (ya know - gravity) - and I'm OK!

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