Monday, July 14, 2008

Rainy days and Sundays...

Had to have been designed for off-the-wall
projects that don't involve much effort or
motivation in any serious sense. No - the
greenhouse didn't get the final pieces which
involve silicone and seal (bad for rainy day).

Although the raspberries and other foliage
appreciate the damp atmosphere, much
sun is wanted for our apples - along with
other green goodness from the garden.

For some insane reason, the berry plants are
thriving under this umbrella by the wood.
It appears to be the best berry year our yard
has seen for 12 years. Jam might be in order.

You shouldn't have to look too close to see
how many green "buttons" hang on the vines.
This fall, a lot of the raspberry overgrowth will
be thinned and passed on to friends looking to
start their own raspberry patch - keeping them
from choking out the weak garden behind them.
Full sun seems a dream, at this point, with the
summer half played. We can always hope for
a late summer through August to help ripen
and finish our earth-grown eats. For now,
I will be content in not having to water them.

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Stan said...

A umbrella, what a unique way to keep your firewood and wagon dry during those periods of excessive moisture. All along, I have been using "blue tarps", you are thinking outside the box, that is good! Just finished the final touch on my "Berry Farm", transplanted a lot of raspberries to other beds, did a lot of brush cutting and limb trimming. Most will not produce until next season, if we do not decline further into "global freeezing". Currently, have five species in the ground, strawberry, raspberry, goose berry, and domestic high bush cranberry and high bush blueberry. Still have other beds available for other plants if you have any suggestions, as long as they do not make reference to vegetable.

j, d plumma said...

I highly recommend COLLARDS, SPINACH, LETTUCE, and any other leafy veggie to thrive this year.

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