Sunday, July 13, 2008

The apples grow slowly this year

A lot of other plant life has, also. The clouds
and cool temperature have kept foliage at
a steady, but slow, growth pace. The raspberry
plants seem to thrive in this weather and are
putting off a lot of berries to ripen for August,
though. Strawberries are seeming to like this
weather, as well. I know the ice cap could
melt at the 60 degree "high" temps we
see this year, but LA is accustomed to
being in sunshine and 80 degrees before
this time in the summer - at least once.
It was only last week that a 32 degree
night was recorded at Glenn Alps -
right above our fine city! Freezing
in July?! Have we - as the world
populous - been swindled by warming
speeches and "hybrid theories"?
I just hope this is not the
dawn of the "New Ice Age".

(shh... don't tell Al)
Any reader of my blog should realize that
I've been touching on this subject for a few
, now. Although I wasn't the first
to doubt the "warming trend", I still
hold fast to theories of constant global
climate change.

Our greenhouse, now, wears a skirt and
has few pieces left to install for a finished
project. The weather just has to cooperate.
Who would have guessed we would use
over 300 lineal feet of 1 x 2's to trim the
windows and walls in? Less wall openings
would be a better move to save trim and
labor, but it looks good with all the pieces
we had to assemble. If the rain would
hold 'til tomorrow, we could have all
the pieces in place, and caulked.

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Stan said...

I do agree with the slow growth of the majority of the plants this year, especially domestic flowers. Spent the past two days redoing my box garden and clearing trees to give it more exposurte to our limited sun. The HITW benefited by having two, almost perfect spruce trees transplanted, I have upgraded my prediction and now giving them a 30% chance of survival. If not, good kindling for next spring. The box garden is slowly evolving into a berry farm. Less maintence and all berries are so much better eating than brocolli. The new addition looks great, definitley going to get plenty of warmth once the sun returns.

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