Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Had a good time on the fourth

Aside from trolling with no salmon to bring
home, outboard troubles, and a little rain
I could not think of many places I would
rather be than the beach at the most
westerly point of the Alaska highway
system on July 4th evening.

The tide was out - showing us beach that
is seen only a few times a year - and the air
was still. We had a few bottle rockets, some
firecrackers, and six (6) sparklers (which,
amazingly, worked out for the number of
smaller children in our small group). The
older kids got to light some of the coveted
whistling bottle rockets.

For those that stayed at camp, here is a
little sneak peek of what you missed.
We might be down in about two weeks
to enjoy the camp again and celebrate
the Wife's birthday. She will be 28 this
year - in case you're wondering about
how many candles you need for the
cake you will make her (cake doesn't
travel well with the 5 of us and 3 dogs).

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Stan said...

As always, it was a good weekend a great get together. Sorry that I missed the fireworks, seems like I miss them each year but someone has to provide security at the Hole In the Wall, responsibilies bring sacrafice.

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