Halibut seems to fetch high dollar, also.

At the rate of fueling/catching, the Kenai
Peninsula salmon may be worth more than
$30/lb. - as in California. The "clans" may need
to invest in a seine to recapture lost funding for
this fishing season - with the price of fuel, and all.
This beauty ended up filleted into about two (2)
sandwiches worth of meat costing, approximately,
$25 per sandwich. It better have been some
good 'but. LA dwellers might have to come
down just to show the rest of the clans
how to effectively recover costs.

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Stan said...

Fine looking example of of "sport"(?) fish, however I do hope that it was released as it is illegally hooked. In accordance with current "sport" fishing regulaitons, any fish hooked in any location other than in the mouth must be releashed. This photo clearly shows two hooks, one frailing in the air to catch the person gaffing the fish and the other firmly inplanted in the head of the fish several inches away from the mouth of the fish. In Anchor Point, it is rumored that fresh halibut is being sold in a local seafood procesisng plant for $22.00 a pound. Surely that will open up a "black" market for sport caught fish.

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