Commercial Salmon fishing industries, along the West
coast of our great US of A, have met with a closure for
the year. A lot of federal funding has been shelled out
for "relief", before, and it is likely to happen again.

"In 2007, Congressman Thompson introduced
legislation to provide Pacific Coast salmon fishers,
tribes and related businesses with $60.4 million in
federal relief. The bill was signed by President Bush in
May, and the funds are currently being distributed."
~Diane Feinstein press release~

Now, imagine this potential in our "little" corner of the
country, if you will. Our state's fish return "expectation"
is slightly lower than last year, but, still calls for a fair
number of salmon to grace the streams we love to
visit with rod and hook.

"Alaska's bountiful wild salmon catch is expected to be
trimmed by one-third from last year's bumper harvest."

Alaskan commercial fishermen may be looking back at
a very profitable year's living come September.
Did you hear that? Was the the ocean beckoning?

If I knew someone with a boat and permit...hmmm...
(and a summer free of obligations, dammit) I might
heed the call and pay off the house. That would be better
than getting hit with a "stray piece of space junk".
Or, "A sharp stick in your eye", as some old-timers
may be reading (you know who you are).
My boss threatened to break my legs - AND my
fingers (the drawing thing) if I ran off. That's love,
right? I would have to incorporate a brain blanket
to pull off a summer like that.
Sometimes, it's just good to think.

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Shana said...

That price for salmon is outrageous and has not changed since I sold fish a hundred years ago...and the person who filleted them left a lot of meat behind...I hope they scrapped it and made salmon patties of it...those are sold at 22.00 a pound or approximately one patty for 4 dollars...Seems to me that much fish should be in the smoke house....making jerkey. mmmm...

Stan said...

Didn't you hear that the wild salmon stocks in Alaska are disappearing? I know it is true, I will not go into details since I am still seeing red. Watched a program last night on the Discovery Channel, "Alaska Expedition", four groups researching Alaska for signs of global warming! Salmon runs are in trouble because the streams where they spawn are going to run dry! They showed a lake in ANWAR where the water was actually bubbling from methane gas, similar to Beluga Lake. They trapped some gas in large plastic bags, attached a fuse and lighted it. The bags went instantly into a ball of flame! Reason, Global Warming has warmed the perma-frost which causes the matter to rot and create methane gas. No mention that this methane gas could be created by large oil reserves just under the surface waiting to be tapped. At any rate, Alaska is in trouble due to Global Warming. The good news in our fisheries, received a notice from the Dept. of F&G last evening, Tanner Crab fishing will open in Kachemak Bay east of line from Anchor Point to Pogi Point (Kachemak Bay) on July 1st. Open to personal use, subsistence, and sport fishing only. Two pots per boat. Big money in commercial fishing this summer and the Kings are in Anchor River. Fifteen days to go.

j, d plumma said...

I don't remember the last time it was legal to pot fish crab in the bay. Let's talk about shrimp now.
If our streams dry up, the ocean should suffer a decrease in liquid, too. That'll make it easier to pull pots!

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