Monday, April 28, 2008

The geese took flight on last friday

When my daughter said,
"Dad! They're going the wrong way!".
They just had arrived, flown into town,
when a storm that held up sent snow crashing down.
They looked somewhat puzzled while flying around
and it seemed as they had no wish to touch ground.
The geese that were seen weren't flying north,
They just wouldn't land - they flew back and forth.
I'm certain - as us - they didn't expect such a pile
that would linger around for such a long while.

If it were up to those birds, someone would get fired.
I just hope it all melts so their wings don't get tired.
I won't say the "S" word 'til we're shoveling lawn dung.
Then - only then - will I say, "spring has sprung".

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Stan said...

Don't worry about your parking lot geese, they have found their way to spring and enjoying themselves in the marshland of the Anchor River. We know how to welcome our spring time guests and get rid of our snow early so they will feel at home and comfortable. They look happy and very fat after their long flight north.

Stan said...

Most likely the geese that you saw were Snow Geese!

j, d plumma said...

A lot of our white blanket has melted away at this point. Roads that weren't plowed are clear, now.
I can take a ribbing over the snow load - remembering how LA's greenery will "explode" into life and color within one week and surpass what AP could grow in a month. Memorial Day seems to be the great mark of such occurrence, typically.

j, d plumma said...

What would be exciting is 23 more inches of snow - which would make this the snowiest winter in Anchorage since 1915.

real eyez said...

I wish I could send some warmth your way! I keep telling my coworkers of your continued snow load and they are starting to think I am coming up with stories! Well the best of luck and while I may have high temps now I get to look forward to even HIGHER later which at this point is not seeming all that exciting. It is already hot to us and this is just spring!

j, d plumma said...

Most of our recent dump has melted. I don't think it's a record for melt-off, but we're only set back a week to wait for "S"...earlier today?(9 AM) Snow flurries mixed in sprinkles of liquid.

Shana said...

Got a lawn again...but I do not dare do anything with it yet...just in case. Although the mower and weed whacker are primed and ready....and I have tulips popping up along the house...although the kids were feeding the green leaves to the dogs...but still they are tulips...or tried to be anyway...

j, d plumma said...

Our poppies are 10" high, lilies - 6", and dandelions have been witnessed in various places. Our lilies are 2 feet from a 3-foot thick pile of snow from the roof, but still love living (house foundation warmth may add to the effect of growth). You should see my apples!

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