Sunday, April 27, 2008

Aside from the extra work,

we found some time to play around, too.

K and I thought it would be grand to have a party
on the roof and wanted company for the occasion.
D was busy painting pictures in the lawn with
a "soak" technique that was developed by accident
and already had enough of the roof scene for the day.
We were already up there shoveling the load
of newly deposited white bliss and it was good
to utilize our creative artistry. The result was
"Terra Aquecimento"(Portuguese) as our new
guest. He wasn't bad company, either, as you can
easily tell by the smile pasted on his face. I mean,
that snowman could really throw down...who
new THAT was an issue?

Nobody really invited him in is the deal - and
who would've guessed his fat butt was over
snow-bearing limit of the structure?

I would've been more polite to our guest
had he not hogged the remote and cheated
at scrabble!

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Stan said...

Nice snow! Who ever heard of shoveling snow atthe end of April, really surprised that you were not out boarding but I guess you had already putthe boards in storage for the summer. To bad it did not happen on a Thursday or Friday, the kids could have used a "snow day" in April. Major snow dump in April, Sam's and Costco rationing rice because of the world wide shortage, this trend of "Global Warming" has to stop before we start running out of oil and our gas prices increase a few cents.

Stan said...

Speaking of the reported rice shortage, listening to the news over the past several months, the "doomers and gloomers" keep telling us about the recession that we are now in throughout our country. I saw a good example of it last night while conducting a cancer benefit auction for a local lady. Holding it in Homer but half the crowd was from Anchor Point with a sprinkling of Soldotna residents and a few from Anchorage. Dspite gasoline in Homer exceeding the $4.00 a gallon mark, Safeway out of rice and no one had any money it was a total sucess. We had over 140 items to auction off and second table set up with another hundred items for the raffle. Still to early for the total proceeds, but it was "BIG" with no sign of a recession. I tried a new experiment, with the new medical technolgy of "stem cell" and everyone carrying a "cell phone", I demonstrated how to make a "cold call", so the audience could witness, I made a phone call to the Anchor River Inn and talked to the bartender asking her to see if her customers would donate to the cause and gave her a two hour time frame. I called her back again in front of the audience shortly after 9 pm and she had collected $362.00! Those in the audience that followed the lead, also got cash donations as far away as Illinois, Hawaii, and Washington. The smallest donation that we got was $100.00. Modern technolgy works, but it was the generosity of people who care that made it work. You need to experience times like this to renew your faith in the human race, there are a lot of great people in this world and they will stand up and help if they are asked, we had a entire room full and on the telphones of them last evening.

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