Saturday, April 26, 2008

Spring has sprong

a leak and dropped all this white stuff on our yard.

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Stan said...

Damm, where did all this white stuff come from, seems that Barley is enjoying it, has a nice nest made. I do beleive that this "freak" snow storm is your sister-in law's fault, isn't she the one that was bragging about her yard being cleared of snow? I would come up and help you shovel out, but I need to go spade up my flower beds and get ready for planting since it is sunny in Anchor Point, a light breeze but we are still melting.

Stan said...

I was up, but awakened from my recliner nap during the stock market reports while waitng for the daily news by a little voice in Nebraska wanting us to know it was his birthday. We had a great chat, had to tell all about his new pet, a snake!

Stan said...

As you ponder your snow and how long it will take before you see your apple tree blossom, just think you are saving a lot of time, you do not have to shovel off your ice skating rink. Surely is nice down here in the banana belt.

Anonymous said...

The forecast for the rest of our little storm has potential of making this the snowiest winter here (from 1915-present). Just about 20" to go...right now, this is the 6th snowiest.

Shana said...

guess you may need that sump pump now...hehe...when that stuff melts...tomorrow at will come I will be raking mine back to the road...or mopping it up hehehe.

j, d plumma said...

I'm already building a canal to direct the melting to the proper siphon sump. I only hope Creek McLay can stay within it's banks.

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