Friday, May 02, 2008

Nice May day

As of one week ago, today, over 20"
of snow has melted from the yard.
The rink has been receding, also.
The ground accepted the extra liquid
and caused no issue with the neighbor''s garage.

Remember "The swamp"? It seemed to defy all
attempts death could throw at it - living through
freeze(s), and all. It sure had a strong desire to live.

This has turned into something unrecognizable
at this point. I, frankly, don't remember if it was
grass, or just a bunch of poo in a jar that sprouted.
I'm glad the apples faired well with the new routine.

Speaking of apples, I gave our tree a shot
of "Super Thrive" - developed by the
military for faster vegetable harvest -
just before the snow fell at the onset of
winter. It's hard to believe a tree could
still grow while the ground is frozen!

How are YOUR apples, Stan?

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Shana said...

Speaking of tree...we have one to plant...guess I should figure out when and how I am going to get it from the nursery to Anchor Point....maybe on my roof...hehehe

Stan said...

Wow, all the snow gone and so soon, must have been a poor quality of snow to melt that fast. I still have some snow on the ground that we got late last fall, must be a better snow than you get inthe big city. As far as my apples, I would send a picture, however, under temperant climates, my apples ripened last week and had to harvest them before the bears got them, did have enough this year to make a couple of pies and canned 14 quarts of apple sauce and 12 pints of apple butter. A good crop for this early into the season, my second crop should start budding within the next week. Although the ones we just harvested was Johnathans, the next budding will be Yellow Delicious and the third cutting just in time for Thanksgiving will be the American Beauties. Always look forward to those for a good eating apple. Starting to get a few grapes starting to show on the arbor.

j, d plumma said...

All joking aside, it should be a great year for fruit and veggies in the garden unless the new ice age is upon us...

Stan said...

Who is joking? My new (last year) gooseberry bush has already leafed out. I wouldhave to agree with you it may be a good growing season. Terry cleaned out the flower beds, raking up the old leaves and winter debris, within a day the flowers started popping up to the surface. She is of the opinion that we are further ahead this year than normal, an opinion that I agree with her, at least until I look over the bluff at the HITW.

Stan said...

Must be spring, where did "The Plumma" go, is he still on spring break?

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