Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Good to load up now and again

It's been a while since I worked 20 hours
in a 24 hr period. It seems easy to remember
why I can't do this every day of the week and
keep my sanity intact. The body has a handful
of reminders that keep me from wanting to go
to work today, also.

It comes down to one brutal fact:
I - as well as all of the guys that make up the
Pinnacle Mechanical team - have a lot of chores
on list that need tended to aside from all of the
spur of the moment urgencies that seem to come
up on a regular basis. Last night was Costco-
oriented involving a new sink in the meat dept.
I'm not talking about just ANY sink, either.
Computer controlled, auto-wash, agitating
basin (about 5'l x 3'w x 30" deep). That
thing moves water like a hot tub and is
powered by 480v. Upon turning it on,
it makes a wave that almost clears the
outer edge of the sink. A lot like kicking
a boat into gear and throwing the
throttle open. That $15k sink should
have installed itself for the dollars
involved. Anyway, the cost of some
things (labor/equipment) is no hurdle
for the 10th largest selling Costco in
the nation - right here in LA.

The wifey and oldest are flying to Portland,
tonight at 1:30 am, for motion lab studies
and basic check-up. They will be flying back
around midnight the following night. They
get to fly AGAIN! Lucky dogs...
Now, I had better get to work because my
chore list isn't getting any shorter. I can't
believe I slept 5 HOURS!

I must be getting old...

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Stan said...

I reckoned that you most likely had a big job in front of you, 20 out of 24 surely does not give a person much time to sleep and eat, as well as blog. I know the feeling well, but I have the advantage of stopping anytime I want and taking a nap, all I have to do is hide from the lady of the house. Found a neat hiding spot in my tool shed, I have a bell rigged up so as soon as she steps up on the porch it alerts me so I can grab a tool and act like I am doing something. That must be some kind of a sink, $15K, that would build three cabins! Although it sounds a little upscale, I think we can down size slighty for the HITW. Hope the girls have a safe and uscessful trip south, at least Taylor gets to sit up this time but I am sure she will miss having her entrouge of firemen, policemen, security agents, and airline employees. She will be just another one of the multitude waiting to go through security. Get some sleep.

j, d plumma said...

the camera being in for repairs, I had no means of capturing the expensive beast. THIS time I'll be more careful with the camera - I SWEAR!

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