I DO remember when this dump truck ran.

The stairs to a 200 ft zipline fury
(note the classy, carpeted steps
and good structural design)

Damon's old tree (now, ground) fort
(where we learned that paint, lysol, and most
every can with propellant make good flame
throwers and almost burned the Grandparent's
feild down while stomping out a flaming can
of (red?) spray paint that launched by
accident while igniting.)
Like the fort wasn't enough danger alone.
Sorry for the gray hair, Grandma, Mom, etc...

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Stan said...

Always fun to go back to yesterday's, yesteryear's and yesterdecades. Then our children wonder what is so great about playing on some old wrecked truck, no electronics involved, does not even move. Let's switch the t.v. channel and see what else is on. Would not trade my childhood memories for all the gamer boxes in the world.

j, d plumma said...

Who would guess that today will mean more as a memory in 20 years than it means at this moment. I thought we were just bored back then and found stuff to fill our time. Although elaborated a little (I'm sure), the pile of boring stories makes our childhood memories colorful and exciting - as if there were no bad memories or slow times. Even the "bad" times are great memories to prove how good we really had it.

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