Friday, June 13, 2008

Although trimmed drastically,

The apple tree has put on over 40 clusters of
flowers with 3 or more to a cluster. It's time
to find a few blossoms from another tree
to germinate the buds.

The buds seem to shout a preview of color
that will hang by fall as delicious fruit -
if no natural disasters consume them this year.
We DO still have some green apple syrup from
'07 stashed away in the pantry. It's very good
with peanut butter on toast, or, on ice cream.

The immediate neighbor got an apple tree,
this year, and grounded it 15 feet from ours.
Next year, they might germinate each other
over the fence. For now, social contact is
good until they get to know each other.
It had better not be a bad apple, either!

September, 07 apples

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Stan said...

You sure know a lot about apples, I can only hope your tree will wait to germinate until the time is right with the neighbors tree. I think you are right, making them wait at least a year giving them each time to develop a solid platonic relationship before they have any type of contact. Perhaps, until them you should shroud your tree in plastic just to insure if something should happen that it is safe, you never know who the neighbors tree has been with in the past. You might want to talk to your tree a little more and teach it that basic phase, "just say no".

j, d plumma said...

Is forced germinating still considered abstinence?

Stan said...

No, I think that would folow under the category of rape!

Stan said...

How old is your apple tree? I was looking at them at the nursery today, considering them for my new rock garden.

j, d plumma said...

Heidi acquired it from the Adopt A Tree program around 5 years back and it was 4 - 5 yrs old at that point. Read up on pruning and thinning and then teach me how to graft properly.
More than 1 close by another (15 feet or so) will germinate without making them "do it" manually.

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