Sunday, June 08, 2008

The old hot tub is still worth a dip

Even if, by morning, the thrill will be
drained. After little contemplating,

K and I cleaned out the tub, yesterday, with
unwavering attention. We thought it would
be a great idea but had little concept of how
much effort it would take. The temperature hit
a "balmy" 66 degrees and we were ready to
cool our Alaskan engines. Sure, the electric
had been disconnected since last year due to
safety concerns so there was no pump action,
but the combination boiler/water heater
worked steady (like in January) to heat
about 500 gallons of water to 100 degrees
in about 2.5 hours. For those of you not
"number savvy", about 200 gallons per
hour was the heating potential proven.
Anyway, the "Sis" called to let me know
the temperature was 90 degrees where
she was
and to not eat her dog before she
gets back.

The dachshunds called in reinforcements to save
Gremlin's bacon before it was crisp and we
ended up with a plate of mac 'n cheese.

Before attacking the tub with brushes and
bleach, I got both lawn mowers oiled, fueled
and running. I could feel their power in my
hands and know they are ready to cut, but
a few modifications are planned before
putting them to use.

The grass can wait another week
despite the eager attitude of some neighbors
"mowing" through the motions every other
day. It's not like I'm entering in the races.
Maybe next year we can afford a robotic
that is bluetooth compatible.

This baby will cut the grass on a programmed
schedule and is wired to stick to it's perimeters.
For those cheapskates looking for my B-Day
present, an earlier, cheaper model is available.

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Stan said...

With a heater like that, could we convert it to a "central bath house" at the HITW? Everyone cpuld share the same water, a famiuly that bathes together stays together. Good looking mower, I have a similar model to the r0-bo mower. Mine is called a T-Robo. All I need to do is look out the window and say "Looks like the grass needs mowing", T-Robo rolls out a few minutes later and two hours later the lawn is done, I do need to figure out a way to speed it up and cut down the production time, perhaps a little higher ratio of wine to gas. Good weekend, fishing slow but a report to follow. Got to go landscaping now. Speaking of landscaping, the current flower report to Miss D. We were sucessful, flowers are all doing well including the columbine thats we transplanted. Every plant survive and growing well, fence has stay intact and with the exception of the Buffalo Dogs, have had no intrusion into the sacred place of past treasures. should really look nice when they are in full growth and blossom. Beaver Clan in camp again this weekend as well as "Opie", nice load of firewood, most of it is gone now. Bull Buff had a bad case of gas, at least accoriding to Lady Beaver then sdhe discovered it was coming from a box sitting on the picnic table, took care of the problem, now it is a problem of the Postal Service until it is deleivered.

j, d plumma said... might expect a visit from a couple of Postal officials in the near future...

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