But there's something about a sizzling
steak and the way flames dance
under it when the juices flow.
We did very little cooking at
the fire while camping anyway.

If you're wondering about the fresh meat
on the grill, my dachshunds were not part
of the menu.

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Stan said...

You need a "gazebo" and a big fire pit is you continue to reduce your household expenses by cooking outside. I bet the girls just love doing dishs with the garden hose. Speaking of your sister's dog, I hate to say to much until I know for sure that you tell her everything that happened during the stay at the HITW. Can not believe that those two eagles came so close and in all honesty that is the first porky pine that I have seen in this area for years. But with a little training, she could become a good rabbit dog. Your cooking video, the fire sounds as if someone may have snuck in a firecracker or two, perhaps a dozen. Always joking around.

its only me said...

You didn't invite me over for some dog. After all she was the one that pooped in my car.

Shana said...

Weiners taste better with ketchup and mustard than mops...for future information...lol

Stan said...

One of these days, I will get around to prattling, just been so busy, so many chores and Granny keeps coming up with new ones. I did get my smoke house and cleaning table set up, now all we need is fish. Cold on the river this morn and still slow fishing.

Stan said...

Now I know why I came to this site, just wanted to thank your family for their thoughtfulness, I beleive inthe 7 P's but I think doing your Christmas shopping in June is a little abusive of the 7 P system. I thahnk all you you for your gift, even tho there is a note attached that I cannot open until Christmas. My curoisty is peaked but I shall be patient and count down the days.

j, d plumma said...

Seems that everyone wants to get a head these days.

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