Tuesday, May 20, 2008

With the meeting of the clans,

Space can be limited. Especially with
construction plans stewing as the old
dens are still in use. Destruction of perfectly
good furniture
should be out of the question
at this point. We have plenty of firewood,
for crying out loud!

We may have to find alternative ways to tent if
Estrogen Ridge is already occupied :

A crowded camp can also mean irritation
to the natural critters around the land.
We need to be kind to our rabbit and squirrel
communities, but in case "accidents" happen,
I'll pick up a couple of extra kits for the emergency box:

Although, I'm sure the Bears would like to see
this pulled off the shelf...
Look forward to seeing you.

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Stan said...

That is a cool tree tent, but perfectly poor use for a good tree especially since some people are so hard up for firewood, they are burning their furniture. Price of oil is so high sacrafices have to be made, freeze to death or bask in the warmth of a nice hard wood cabinet. I think we should stock a few of those squirrel survival kits in our fiorst aid cabinet - oh, we don't have one of those either - perhaps that would be a good idea! I think I can geta senior discount on one, maybe AARP will provide me one, but then only seniors would be allowed to use it so that does not help either. Can you imagine camping like that - well it really is not camping and we thought we were crowded a the HITW, of course with the HITW being a segrated community, I mean "gated". That "no name Clan" from Homer wanted to move in tonight, but we informed them that they copuld not move in unless thier sponsor called us, did you get a call? I think they are moving in Thursday, hopefully we will have some gravel laid by then.

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