Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Summer is upon us

My boss was pretty gracious to allow me to
take a week and a half off during the busiest
beginning of larger jobs. That gives me DAYS
to enjoy the HITWRA!
Although we had a mid-May snowfall to
reckon with, it seems the trees have
popped their leaves out a week or so
earlier than last year. It is, usually,
the last week in May before LA explodes
into life with green across the bowl. I
think the peninsula may be a tad late.

The fresh summer growth in 60 degree temp.s
will not keep me from the little sand pit I
know so well. Nor will the 7 day forecast for
that area. I would rather wear my xtra tuff's
all day in the muck than miss this short
sabbatical without guilt. I only hope
Sundance and Butch are ready for us.

See you at the hole before sundown, tomorrow.

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