Thursday, May 22, 2008

By this afternoon,

We should be 100% ready for a trek South -
both mentally and physically.

As long as we survive each other for 220 miles,
we will be residing at Hole In The Wall Recreational
Area before 10 PM. And, as we're not in an
all-fired rush, smooth sailing is the choice for
a relaxing drive and we'll try to keep it down to
proper speed limits and steer between
the white lines (no, that's not racist).

We all know the numbers of police on patrol
nearly doubles for Memorial Day weekend
and it would not be advantageous to chance
a wreck or speeding ticket that could cost
precious time we could be sitting by the fire
speaking of "that moron" on the road
pulling some insane stunt.

I remember calling drivers this far too often until
our first daughter, riding shotgun - after us being
cut off abruptly - says, "Daddy? Is he a moron, too?"
"Yes", I said calmly. "He's a moron."

We will try to dodge all idiots and mishaps
along the way, and with attentiveness and good luck,
we wish to arrive at our destination unmarred
and we'll see you at "The Hole".

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Stan said...

Have a safe trip, don't forget your new chain saw, I figure if you can get in by 10 pm you will stillhave at least a good hour of light remaining in order to cut wood. Hopefully, the "CAT" will be out of the hole by then, new kitchen cabinets made and the bocchi ball court set up. Would expect your brother in sometime this afternoon, if the CAT is out!

prudhoeman said...

I was going to warn you that the police will probably be patrolling pretty thick, so don’t speed. But you probably already know that :)

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