Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Never saw a rabbit last week

We found some of their holes, though.

I imagine there was too much commotion
in the HITW for them to play in the alders
with us cutting them down and all. It sure
made a lot more room in the pit.
Thanks to the use of Stan's truck (and
resources) a new porch was built for
the Moose camper. It moved a lot easier
than we would have expected and opened
up more space for future visiting RV's
and parking.

There was a lot of manual labor involved that
exhausted all of us, but was satisfying to say
the least. The week day crew was glad to
see the weekend crew show up and take
over "stumping" the once standing alder
patch and petrified log pile cleared for

This had a MUCH more heroic appearance
first hand, I'm told.
In all, the time I had off was well spent - even if
we came home with a salmon head in the
laundry. The axe murder was viewed as
one of the bright points, also. I'm just
sorry I didn't get pictures of the murder
scene for future reference of Arnie's
presence in the pit.
Thanks to Stan and Terry for putting on
a good show as campground host again.
We would never have so much fun to
camp elsewhere - regardless of the work

p.s. Sorry to Mom for being a no-blog and
boring for over a week.

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Anonymous said...

It was much better to talk to you in person. Thanks! Mom

Stan said...

Really think you should take up Professional Surfing after you retire as a Plumma. Great fun those two weeks, despite the work but that was even fun. Still trying to figure out the best joke of the season, the Kool Aid was great, still getting complaints. The moose on the antenna was a classic, the fresh King salmon head in your dirty laundry took a lot of planning. Thanks for the new exterior plumbing on the Duck House, a vast improvement for those of us tall enough to use it. Now we just have to come up with a spitoon to go inside for the Bull Buff.

j, d plumma said...

We must keep in mind that the Eagle Poopah was the only complainer of a lack of pranks this year - like asking for it. I would have liked to see the service guy's face when he found the moose. The head has not found another place already, has it? Should the spitoon be brass? and...
thanks for reading, Mom!

Stan said...

He thought it was quite humerous, I must admit I did as well, however the invoice did take a little humor out of it ~ but that is o.k., my "ole grand pappy" once told me "you shall sew what you weap" or something like that, he was always prattling something, he had another that has always been my favorite "the corn does not always fall from the stalk".

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