Saturday, May 17, 2008

I've plumbed some strange things

and, now, can add a fire hydrant drinking
fountain to my list of custom work.

Eccentric, no? It was
previously a fountain, downstairs, in the
establishment. I petitioned to have it left
midnight metallic blue & chrome, but
they decided to have it sand blasted and
powder-coated to other tastes.

It stands in the entryway to one of our
fine LA Administration buildings, and
is for public use. Although the color choice
makes me want to toss cookies, it gets
plenty of comments from staff and public.
The inspector had few words for it, but
grinned and shook his head for the lack
of what to say. It passed.

4 opinionated prattle:

Golden Granny said...

I love the color! And what a great idea! I wonder where I could get one?

Stan said...

Drinking foutain or inside potty for dogs? Why can I pictrue a major fire inthe building and the fire department hooking up to the inside fire hydrant, a trickle of water out of their hoses at about 15 gallons per hour. I don not even want to know what the tax payers paid for this fountain ~ wait a minute that should be LA taxpayers money so I guess it is o.k.

Stan said...

The Eagle Lady and She Wolf did a lot of work today, most of the junk has been hauled away including the grill and canopy! The pile that you so neatly stacked is also gone. Grounds drying out very good, may be in shape. They worked so hard today that I felt bad that they should have to also cook dinner so I took them out to dinner with the Bear Clan. Upon our return, Lady Buff had arrived in camp so of course a fire had to be built and we once again gatered, then the Bear Clan showed up so we had out first visit around the fire pit. The trip to Homer for dinner was also a business trip, new cook tent goes up tomorrow, new model this year, includes windows on both sides, full door on each end and a man door on the side. It is also vented through the top in the event Bull Buff wants to show us his secret recipe for beer batter halibut. Woke up this morning, after thinking about it for several years, I had a vision of a new drainage system that should work and all underground. I need you to take a look at my blue prints since water flow is your specialty. Good conversation topic around the fire pit this next weekend. Thanks for sending help, it is appreciated.

j, d plumma said...

I did send our best helper even though we have a lot of wood to stack at our place.
I don't remember stacking anything "neatly". The kitchen stack was in place before removing the collapsed structure. Probably the previous work (last fall) of a Lady Eagle.
Whatever doesn't get done this weekend will have lots of hands before next weekend to complete.
I had better get cleaning up after our big party, and all. It will take most of the day to straighten out this mess. Keep the Wolf late, will ya?

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