It is important not to over pack for
a short stay at the camp. Here is a
suggestive link to the art and science
of traveling light .

It is important to select the right bag, first.

Or, do like I do - pack EVERYTHING
BUT the kitchen sink! We already have
one of those at camp. I just wonder
where I'm going to plug the DVD and
Quisinart in.

See you in "The Hole".

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Stan said...

Properly packing is always important. You will find that instead of folding your clothes, if you roll them you can pack more in a small space. A standard canvas Navy sea bag will hold three sets of dungaree trousers and shirts. One dress blue jumper and matching pair of thirteen button trousers, two sets of undress blue jumpers and trousers, three sets of white jumpers and trousers, one pea coat, six sets of skivies, six white t-shirts, 6 pair of black socks, three towels, three wash rags, two neckerchiefs, six white hats, two ball cats, one watch cap, letter writing material, and one standard issue small bible. Of course, then there is always the personal items, a quart of rum, latest edition of Playboy, pictures, cigarettes, candy, and gift items that you picked up at fleet landing at your last port of call. Total weight, less than 60 pounds so the average Marine can carry your sea bag for you.

Stan said...

Rained, then it rained but sometime duringthe night it stopped but then it froze. But the weather is now sunny and beautiful. Hate to say it, but the doppler is clear and trhe long range forecast into next weekend looks pretty good - don't want to take a chance in messing with nature so I will just say it is going to be nothing like we have not had to deal iwth it the past. It may rain or it could be sunny, it may be dry or we could get stuck on Bronco Lane - but what the hay - we will be recreating and there is nuttin better than recreating. See all of you on Friday, will try to be ready as soon as the Camp Ground Host gets all the work done.

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